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canb Newsgroup Administration


ausadmin has taken on the maintainer role for syd.* at the same time as bne.* and melb.*. This was prompted by an issue which arose where Telstra deleted melb.general from their newsserver. According to Telstra, they had received an rmgroup control message for that newsgroup. Without any maintainer, clearly no rmgroup should be permitted. Ausadmin will now act as a central point of contact for bne.*, melb.* and syd.* to avoid such situations in future.

Ausadmin has been maintaining aus.* since 1998 and has the necessary infrastructure to fill this management void.

Ausadmin is currently Nick Andrew (, and operational staff and facilities are provided by Tullnet Pty Ltd.

Please note that this website was cloned from the main ausadmin website at and so some details may be incorrect for melb.*

ausadmin Role

Preserving the status quo of existing newsgroups.

canb structure planning


ausadmin Policy

No proposals accepted before November 2003.

aus.* FAQs on
aus.* FAQs on (local mirror of rtfm) (very comprehensive USENET resource) ausadmin home site

Newsgroup Creation Proposals

Not relevant.